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State to State Move – A Long Distance, Not a Long Time

You have decided to move out of state, but you don’t know where or how to begin with the whole moving process. It can be a daunting task for anybody to handle.  There is certainly more involved and more to think about in a state to state move than there would be if you were moving inside of your state.  The distance is one factor.  It normally takes a lot longer to drive and haul your items from one state to another than from one city to another.  There are also all of the matters that you will have to deal with once you move into your new residence in another state, such as replacing your driver’s license, getting a new license plate for your car, etc.  You are also moving into an area that will probably be a lot less familiar to you. 

However, there are things you can do to make your state to state move go a little smoother and be a little easier on you.  One thing is to visit the state you are planning on moving into before you officially move and make yourself familiar with the city.  You can even scope out some of the malls and grocery stores you will most likely be frequenting once you move.  If you do not have the time or money for that, the internet is a great place to find all about the city you will be moving to, and all of the different shops, restaurants, pharmacies, etc., in the area and where they are located. 

Long Distance Move

Another thing you can do in regards to the actual moving process is to sell most of your old furniture.  That way, you will have less heavy items to take with you during your travel to your new state of residence.  That will also free up space in the vehicle in which you are transporting your items and you will cut down on the number of trips you will have to take for your state to state move.  You can have a garage sale to sell your items or you can advertise them online.

Another tip is to have your friends and family help you with your state to state move.  They can use their vehicles to help you transport some of your furniture and other items.  They might even be able to help you unpack if they have time.  You should do something for them to pay them back for their generosity, like having a party in your new home. 

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