Moving Tips - Things People Forget to Do When Moving

Common Things People Forget to Do When Moving

Moving can be stressful for anyone, but in the midst of the stress, you are bound to miss a few steps along the way. Having a checklist in your mind of commonly forgotten things will help you stay on track when your relocation day comes. Here are some of the most missed components of a move for you to consider.

1. Transfer the Utilities
Make sure that you have the utilities turned off on your old home and transferred to the new one on the day of your move. If you are moving on a weekend (as most people do), you might need to contact the city ahead of time so you can have everything set up on your moving day,

2. Hire Movers
If you are going to get movers to help you out, you need to make sure you reserve the movers well before your actual move. That will ensure that you will have the help you need, and that you have a proper sized truck and crew to get your move done quickly.

3. Label Your Boxes
A lot of people assume they will just remember everything that goes in certain boxes, but when the chaos of a move actually ensues, it’s really easy to forget where all of your stuff is. Save yourself the confusion and just label as you go. Group all of your boxes based on the room they will go in and your unpacking will go much smoother.

4. Save Money
If this is your first big move, you might be underestimating how much the process will cost. You’ll have to save enough money to pay for the movers, your food and food for your help, various deposits and other expenses you might not be aware of right now. Have as much money in your bank on that day as you possibly can so you’re prepared for anything.

5. Eat and Sleep
Most people get so caught up in the move that they don’t get a sound amount of sleep or they forget to eat. You need to do both though so you will be fueled for the full move. Take 30 minutes of your time to get some food in your system, and have a full night’s sleep under your belt on the day of the move. Make sure to set your alarm so you wake up early and you’ll find your relocation to go a lot smoother. 

Common Things People Forget to Do When Moving

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