Moving Article - How to Handle the Moving Day

How to Handle the Moving Day

Every aspect of a move is stressful, but the worst part of it all has to be moving day. It’s a bitter sweet moment because throughout the chaos, you at least get to finally be in your new home. One thing you can do to really make moving day a lot easier is book some movers ahead of time. These people can come in and take all of your furniture and boxes out of your house, transporting them to the new house afterward. We offer such a service at By reserving a day ahead of time, you will guarantee that you have the help you need for the big day.

You can also make the day run smoothly by having as much packed as possible before the time comes. All you should have on the day of the move is your showering items and clothing for the day. Aside from a few dishes and an alarm clock, there won’t be anything else that will have to stay out. Have all of your stuff in well labeled boxes, and consider color coating them by room so you can move them into the right spot of your new place. This will help the movers navigate all of your belongings.

Make sure that any helpers you may have are notified of the moving day and time in advance. That will ensure that everyone is on the same schedule. Plan out the day so you know exactly what should happen at what time. Don’t make the schedule too tight though because something is bound to throw everything else off. You need to work in meal and break times for yourself and anyone helping you so you can maintain your energy throughout the day. Staying well fueled will make things go by a lot faster.

You should also think about getting some of the little boxes out of the way before moving day. If you can relocate some smaller items into the new home ahead of time, you won’t have as much to deal with on the chaotic day of the move. Ideally, you may want to narrow your needs to a few boxes and all of your furniture. If you can take some car loads to the new place throughout the week, you’ll be very thankful for it. You will also save money in moving by doing this because you won’t require as much time from the movers.

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