Moving Article - How to Move a Large Family

How to Move a Large Family

When a young couple has to move, the stress is bad enough. When you have to deal with moving a large family though, the process is nothing shy of an absolute nightmare. Small problems turn into big ones when you have a ton of kids to worry about along with maintaining your work and packing. For some people, the process is just too overwhelming. If you have a large family, there are some things you can do to make relocation easier on all of you. Follow the tips below so you don’t drive yourself insane.

Use your family to your advantage. Rather than seeing a bunch of stuff that you have to do by yourself or with your spouse, use the move as a way to teach your children responsibility. Each member of the household should have a designated space to pack. For the children, that will most likely be their play room and bed rooms. Even toddlers can help put their toys in a box, even if the help isn’t hugely significant. Just remember that kids have a short attention span, so spread the packing out over the course of several days. That way they only have to tackle a little bit at a time. Plan out rewards for their hard efforts to keep them motivated to help.

How to Move a Large Family

Make sure that you label everything diligently as you pack. Large families lead to nothing more than large piles of junk if proper labels aren’t used. If your kids can’t write on their own boxes, give them a certain color sticker to use. You can give each kid a color to put only on their boxes, and that way you know which stuff goes with which kid. Children love stickers anyways, so this will be considered a fun part of the job.

Make sure that you get a lot of helping hands for moving day. It would be wise to hire movers for your relocation so you can get everything done as quickly as possible. Moving on your own may span a few days without the right help, so why not do what you can to knock it out in one? Shipping your stuff will be a lot easier with movers around to help you, and you’ll be able to settle into your new home faster than you might have expected. Make sure to keep everyone on a schedule during your relocation and you should be just fine.

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