Moving Article - Improving Your Moving Experience

Improving Your Moving Experience

Everyone hates the idea of relocation, but a lot of times that’s because people have had bad moving experiences in the past. The whole process can be very stressful, but that doesn’t mean that you have to dread it. By going through some simple panning well in advance, you could drastically improve how your move goes. First and foremost, make sure that you have everything secure with the new place. Get all of the financing planned out or leasing agreements done before you start the actual moving process. You want to know all of your boundaries before you proceed.

Once you have everything set up for your move, contact your city utilities department to ensure that you will have water, electricity and the like on the day that you move. This is especially important if you are moving on a weekend because the city will need to come out on the Friday before when they are open. If you are renting a place, you may already have running utilities that you will just need to transfer into your name. Talk to your landlord to find out when you must have that done by. Usually it’s 2 or 3 days, depending on when you move.

Improving Your Moving Experience

Make sure that you inspect your new place well prior to moving in. you don’t want to get all of your stuff to the house only to find out that you have a leaking roof or a septic spill in the yard. You’ll want to go through an inspection anyway to ensure that the house is safe to invest in to begin with. Doing a last minute check the day before the move though will save you from unnecessary headaches. Make sure to test all of your keys and garage door openers as well so you’ll have full access to your home when the time comes.

If you are going to have some friends help you move, let them know your relocation day as soon as possible. That way they can schedule around your special day and not have to cancel plans they made otherwise. You need to extend the same courtesy to any movers you may be using as they will need to make sure they have a crew and a truck that is adequate for the size of your move. As soon as you know what is going on, pass the information on to others who may be affected as well.

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