Moving Article - Making the Move Easy for the Kids

Making the Move Easy for the Kids

If you have a big move coming up, the one thing you might be dreading most is having to get the kids involved. Children don’t take to moving well because they are scared of change and worried about making new friends. The key to making all of this better is to make the move seem positive from day one. If you get a chance, take your kid to the new house and let him or her have a look around. Then let your child see his or her new room and get excited about it. Once your child starts imagining the new room, he or she will be a lot happier with the idea of relocation.

Once you have introduced your child to the idea of moving, you should see if you could get him or her involved. This may seem like a game to the child, but it can actually turn into a valuable lesson in responsibility for the child. Perhaps you could use this time to get rid of your child’s old, unused toys. While your kid may cling onto these otherwise forgotten items, you might take up the opportunity to teach him or her about charity. Get a pile of your kid’s belongings prepared to donate, along with some of your unused items. Then go down to a local homeless shelter and give what you don’t need to the less fortunate.

Making the Move Easy for the Kids

You should let your child somewhat design his or her new room. Depending on the age, most kids know what they want their rooms to look like. The move is going to be unpleasant for your children, so the least you could do is give them an opportunity to pick out a wall color or new comforter for their bed. Let them express some new personality in their new space. You could use this as an incentive for them to keep their room clean, saying that they can get blue walls if they promise to pick up their toys every night (or something along those lines).

Moving with children isn’t as complicated as it may seem. You just have to approach it with their perspectives in mind. Know that kids are scared of big changes, and that you’ll need to be there to ease your child’s worries as much as possible. Think of this as a good chance to bond. If your child is calm for relocation, you may very well be too.

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