Moving Out of a Unit Block

Moving is never easy, but moving out of a unit can be even more difficult causing inconveniences to you, your removalists and the other people who live in the block. Sure you can protect yourself from any inconvenient breaks through contents insurance, but how can you lessen the blow and make it easier for everyone?

Step one is to think about all the different people you may inconvenience and how. Most of the time inconveniences only become a huge hassle if the people didn’t already know about them. So identify the potential issues and be upfront with them so that they can plan ahead. If you are hogging any of the common resources or areas, just let them know. Common areas include the lift, driveways, stair wells, and car parking areas. It might also be wise to advise them that there could be a little bit of noise during the day of the move.

In most instances your neighbours will receive this news graciously and will be grateful for the notice.

As a rule of thumb, try to get the word out at least three days in advance of your move. If you leave it to the last minute to let people know you might get an icy response from residents.

Moving Out of a Unit Block

The next step is to let them know. This might seem slightly frightful and confronting if you don’t already know your residents, but it doesn’t always have to mean that you need to go and knock on the door to have a chat. Actually, this is largely counter-productive as a lot of units are shared, meaning that more than one person lives in each unit. If you only speak to one person in each unit, you run the risk of them not passing on the news. Instead, you should write up a short but detailed message and pop it under the doors of the people you may be affecting. Put the same notice in the lift as well – this will help spread the message. A message like the following will suffice:

Dear resident,

We will be moving out of the block on <insert date>. In doing so, we may make some noise in the common areas and we may need to use the lift and common driveways between <insert start time> and <insert finished time>.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience and would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Regards, unit <insert unit number>.

By letting the other residents know, you are giving them the opportunity to help you. There is nothing more frustrating than having to ask your removalists to move over and over again because one of your residents needs to leave the premises.

The final thing you can do to limit the inconvenience to the residents in the block is to return to the property and clean the stairwell and the lift. You will be surprised how many scuff and grubby little marks you have created. Doing all of this should ensure that you leave the block on a good note.


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