Moving Article - Moving? Prepare the Children!

Moving? Prepare the Children!

If you are planning to relocate sometime soon, you might want to go ahead and break the news to your children. A lot of parents try to pop that news on their children last minute to avoid month of temper tantrums that may follow, but that isn’t a wise idea. The fact is that your kids are just as much of the family as you and your spouse. By keeping something as big as relocation from your children, you are only making the move harder on them. You make it seem like a bad thing because you had to hide it, and you also send them into shock. Here are some tips to help you prepare your children for the big move.

The first thing you need to do is figure out how to sell the move as a good thing. A child hears the word move and equates it to a loss of friends and unfamiliar territory. This makes him or her both angry and scared. Try talking to your kids about the new room they get after you relocate and the kids that are in the neighborhood. Sell all of the positives right away. “Hey honey. Guess what! You’re going to get a new room at the end of the month, and you’ll get to play in a big backyard!” See how great that sounds?

Moving? Prepare the Children!

If your child still isn’t happy about relocating (as is often the case), you might want to take him or her to the new house to see what you’re moving into. A lot of times, children need a visual image of what is to come so they can get excited about the move. You can let the child start planning out his or her bedroom and perhaps pick out a paint color for the new space. By getting your son or daughter involved in the designing process, you will make him or her feel more at home.

You should also let your child help you pack, depending on the age. This could be a good way to teach a lesson in responsibility to the kid and also get a helping hand when you need it most. You can let your kid label the boxes, or even give him or her a special color of boxes so he or she knows what’s his or hers. Your daughter may get all of the boxes with the pink dots, for instance, so when the move happens, she can watch her boxes coming out with the movers and get excited about it. This will help your shipping process and will help your kid adjust at the same time.

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