Tip from Ramblersville Movers – Tricks for Successful Packing

Tip from Ramblersville Movers – Tricks for Successful Packing

When you are planning a move, there is nothing worse than having everything pile up on you all at once near the deadline.  That is why you might appreciate learning a few tips from knowledgeable Ramblersville movers prior to your actual moving day.

Ramblersville movers are recommending that first; think about the way you pack.  When packing fragile items, use blank newspaper or bubble wrap.  The ink from regular newspaper can stain.  Also, instead of packing your bathroom and kitchen towels separately, use them to cushion the fragile items you are packing.  Heavy items like books are best packed in smaller boxes so they do not become overly heavy.

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When moving furniture, you will make your life and that of your Ramblersville movers easier if you tape drawers closed and wrap corners with cardboard or a thick supply of newspaper.  Electronics should be packed in their original packaging if you have kept them to help protect them.

For clothing, you should fit as much as you can within suitcases.  The zipper will seal it shut and prevent dirt from getting all over your clothes.  If you run out of room, place them in garbage bags and then into boxes to avoid the thought that the bag is trash.

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